jewelry made in Paris

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Jewelry made in Paris


Ilona Orel is a Parisian jewelry designer with experience in contemporary art and an eye for designs based on her spiritual beliefs. Based in Paris, Ilona’s jewelry is inspired by creation, higher consciousness and enlightenment.
These elements are in constant motion and form our awareness around us. Many of her luxury jewelry is mobile which is an emphasis on how the human being is in constant motion, whether physical or spiritually.
* Ilona Orel is creating ethical and sustainable jewelry

Ring World Famous

Gallery ‘Ring World Famous’

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Photo Gallery ‘World Famous’

Perpetuum Mobile

Gallery ‘Perpetuum Mobile’

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Photo Gallery ‘Cosmic Egg’

Photo Gallery ‘As Above So Below’

Photo Gallery ‘Moon Eclipse in Castel’

Photo Gallery ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Look book

Réalisation Max Mitrochine, model Maxime Angotti

Réalisation Maxime Angotti, model Elina Halimi

Gallery ‘Perpetuum mobile’



Ilona Orel is represented by Mega Mega Projects.
Press: Meghan Folsom | 212-219-3793 |
Wholesale: Lauren Abend | 212-219-3793 |