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jewelry made in Paris

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Jewelry made in Paris


With an experience in contemporary art as an owner of a Parisian gallery,
Ilona Orel launched her own jewelry brand. Jewelry creation is a new step in her life that she’s been exploring for several years.
Talismanic jewellery collection with the power to bring luck, protect and nurture spirituality. Universal symbols reimagined with a contemporary edge.
Ilona Orel’s collection is a result of her personal research into ancient and sacred sources, studying both texts and objects, mysticism and alchemy.
Emotionally charged jewelry that empowers and enlightens.
Most of her jewelry is mobile with some elements in constant motion, giving her design a distinctive style. Such as the Third Eye pieces with mobile iris, or a ring World Famous, powerful Feng Shui symbol, surmounted by a rotating globe.
Also her Perpetual Mobile cross with two moving axes whose meaning goes beyond the religious dimension. The axes of life, material and spiritual, the visible and mysterious, where everything crosses and comes to life.
Production-wise, she works with one of the most established “Place Vendôme” Parisian atelier, using certified gold to create ethical and sustainable jewelry.
Ilona Orel customizes her jewelry to give that unique and personal touch to each of her creations.

* Ilona Orel is creating ethical and sustainable jewelry

Ilona Orel

Art Of Symbolism

Collection ‘Art Of Symbolism’

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Gallery ‘Perpetuum Mobile’

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Photo Gallery ‘Perpetuum Mobile’

Gallery ‘Third Eye’

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Photo Gallery ‘Cosmic Egg’

Photo Gallery ‘As Above So Below’

Photo Gallery ‘Moon Eclipse’

Photo Gallery ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Photo Gallery ‘Heaven’s Ladder’ & ‘Seven Chakras’

Photo Gallery ‘The Seed of Life’

Photo Gallery ‘Magia Virtus’

Photo Gallery ‘The Birth Of Venus’

Venus & Mars

Collection ‘Venus & Mars’

Photo Gallery ‘Venus & Mars’

Look book

Réalisation Max Mitrochine, model Maxime Angotti

Réalisation Maxime Angotti, model Elina Halimi

‘Art Of Symbolism’

‘Venus & Mars’